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Harlequin Juniors - Round 8 2016

Under 16

On the cold frigid morning of the 25th of June, the Under 16s Harlequins players left the comfort of their warm homes and went to face the Moorabbin Rams away in the cold harsh, unforgiving wind. Before the match in the locker room the moral was high with... continue reading

Harlequin Juniors - Round 7 2016


After the exciting and well deserved win over Wyndham the boys were confident in the match against Power House; even though the Quins haven’t yet won an away game this season, the boys were committed to make a change. Power House may have thought that this... continue reading

Test Match week at the Harlequins

What a great week for the Quins.

It was impossible to choose a photo that represented the highlights of the week: it could have been Maciu with the six Harlequin members of the English test squad; it could have been Peter Leahy interviewing Cameron Clyne and Ian Ritchie; it could... continue reading

Harlequins Juniors - Round 6 2016


for June 4th vs Wyndham

This was really important game for us, coming from a tough loss last week against Northern. Wyndham came into this game with overconfidence, they have beaten us before so they were not expecting us to play with such intensity... continue reading

What a great day at the Quins

Members of the Rugby Department were having small heart attacks on Friday night: 15 games at QUINS and it was raining and predicted to rain all day Saturday. With the coming Rebels versus Hurricanes trial game at QUINS on Thursday 23 June this was the last day we needed to have wet weather.... continue reading


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